Social Media Icons For Better Identification

Social media icons should be unique and attractive. No body here would prefer any old styled icon for their social media site. Every person planning for business have their way of thinking. Demanding unique social media icons aren’t tough though but need an appropriate selection and a considerable choice. Desired people should have ultimate control on how the social media icons should look like and how much they could cost. Whether it would be affordable or not? Let’s discuss some of the effective, eye-catchy and understandable social media icons.

1. Facebook Logo An Icon Among Popular Social Media Icons:

Popular and well known social media icons are indulging people rapidly. The selection among many social media icons is complicated. But fortunately, the right selection helps to boost up your site’s rating like Facebook.

social media icons

2 .Social Media Icons for Whatsapp:

Simple and attractive social media icons are most preferable. An emerged application Whatsapp is an easy way of communication to your loved once situated anywhere in the world. The icon is appreciable, but somehow it resembles Skype’s icon. Isn’t it?

social media icons

3. Youtube Logo:

A unique logo for well known and famed social media site. As we all are familiar with the use of Youtube. It has become so common and essential to get in touch with the world’s popular videos, songs, movies or anything one love to have. Selecting logo for this eminent site among many social media icons is a remarkable job indeed. The icon for Youtube below is simple and understandable as the social media site’s name is written over it.

social media icons

4. Youtube Play Button:

Another noteworthy and splendid icon that represents a play button for its leading site Youtube. This button represents play button so differently, and it is simply understandable.

social media icons

5. Logo For Skype:

A logo selected for one of the most usable and popular sites among all. ‘S’ inside the cloudy structure represents the name of the site i.e. Skype. It is well renowned sites helps to communicate people through voice and video calls.

social media icons

6. Logo For Twitter:

Another popular site i.e. Twitter being used almost by all well known celebrities too has selected quite a simple logo. As familiar to Skype’s icon ‘t’ is written to represent Twitter.

social media icons

7. An Icon For ‘ebay’ :

An applauded online shopping website selected its logo to be as simple as it could be. Only name of the site is written in small alphabets to represent its website. Amazing and appreciable.

social media icons


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