Six Urging Free WordPress Themes

Plenty of questions arises diversely when a user is recommended to switch from their old site to WordPress. WordPress has became one of the most progressively working sites. You cannot consider it only a simple blogging site anymore. It is considered now as the most versatile content management system CMS. It allows you to make blogs, sites and mobile applications easily. Its popularity has been growing rapidly because of its brilliant abilities of flexibility and pliability, . The best part of using WordPress is that it is free of cost. Almost 2600+ WordPress themes and  3100+ plugins are available for its users. You can easily download, install, use or modify it according to your choice. It just required a web hosting domain. It has been used to create different kinds of mind blowing websites including Google, Disney, Facebook,CNN and many more. Because of its amazing robust feature it has been preferred frequently. According to a survey it has great potential as it has been dominating approximately 22.5% of all websites. Using WordPress you can make your website look according to your desire. It has a strong security for its users.

1: Shapely:

It is among the most popular wordPrress themes. With its high quality graphics it is being just amazing for the websites. Its designing could not be underestimated as it can easily match up with the world class brands i.e iphone etc. It gives an eye catchy view by using its high resolution retina.

 WordPress Themes



It is a trendy wordpress theme. Its flexible and grab your attention in seconds. It has been documented amazingly with different attracting colors. It has been designed with deep attention to make it the ultimate source inclusively free of cost.

 WordPress Themes

3: Activello  WordPress Themes:

One of the most polished and versatile theme of wordpress is ‘Activello’. Its use is very popular for fashion blogs, food blogs, magazine and many more. Bootstrap fronted is the main element to built up this incredible theme.

 WordPress Themes

4: Sparkling:

It could be proved as the most mesmerizing theme specially on mobile devices. It is made up of using terrifying bootstrap technology. Isn’t it look sophisticated ?

 WordPress Themes

5: Dazzling:

Based on Bootstrap 3 this amazing and dashing theme has been created efficiently.

 WordPress Themes




6: Unite:

What an amazing up scaled theme it is. Developed by using Bootstrap 3 it provides a friendly user environment. Footer, navigation and few more aspects could be control easily using this stunning theme.

 WordPress Themes



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