Latest Creative Business Card Design PSD

Business Card Design PSD

Looking for Buisness card designs, here is a simple PSD template that you might find attractive for your personal card. This is a card made of similar material like the Credit card, hard stuff. It has an elegant colour scheme which features low contrast colors which appear very vividly because of its shiny surface. It features the Title ( which can be the name or the organisation logo ) and the detail about it below the bold title. On the other side of this, Free PSD creative business card representation, You see there is a Neo Code, Which you can read easily using a NeoReader. And it can be helpful for the users too. On the right side of this code, there is a prominent block, which shows Simple information like Contact Number, addresses and emails.
This is a representation of a latest Buisness card 2016.

latest business card desin

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