Latest Book Cover Designs To Arrest Your Attention

Latest book cover designs can help you to make your book prominent and familiar. They say ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but they forget that how much important the first impression is. May be this point of view can lead this article as superficial but we can’t deny the reality that most of the people judge books by their cover designs. Book cover design is the first impression on a purchaser’s mind seeking a good book. You can quickly grab the buyer’s attention by making your book cover design elegant and arresting. People can judge their depth of interest in the specific book by its cover only. Nowadays numerous latest book cover designs are present in the market. You can get smart ideas from internet. I guess, a writer puts a lot of effort in writing a book he won’t ignore the central element of book cover design to get it famous. We have given below few of the amazing and eye-catchy designs so if you are a writer try these latest book cover designs.

1 .  Use White Space To Create Focus On The Latest Book Cover Designs:

This sizzling cover is designed by Emily Mahon with illustrations of Ray Morimura for the book ‘The Wealth of Nations’. This book cover design is unique because of the prominent white color. White color is a symbol of peace and calmness. If your book gives the same lesson ultimately then try these types of color combinations.

book cover design


2. Use Photography For The Professional Touch :

This embellishing cover is designed by Jason Ramirez for the author Garcia Marquez.

book cover design

3. Set The Tone Before You Start Designing Book Cover:

It is good to give your book colorful and cartoonish funky look.

book cover design

4. Stand out from the crowd with a 3D book cover design:

Carlo Giovani is the creative designer of this book cover.

book cover design

5. Treasure Island Latest Book Cover Designs:

Italian illustration studio named Bomboland has given this mind blowing book cover design.

book cover design



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