Eight Mind-boggling Latest Inventions To Enhance Your Life

Human nature is all about moving further. Looking towards new and extremely astonishing technologies and inventions is one of the most important tasks being done. Using your mind for the betterment is one of the greatest blessings one could ever have. As in this world of technology people have became completely indolent. New inventions really help people to do their work even faster. It saves your time and make your task trouble-free. Latest inventions are just incredible. We don’t even take any serious notice on those compact things that have made our lives complicated and tangled in their own way. We should not take these minor problems for granted. Who don’t want to get rid of that knotty life using latest inventions? I guess, no one here! So, lets appreciate those who think and work for the betterment even in the trivial wedges of life. But no matter even if there are innumerable inventions to ease human life, unfortunately they still lack. As we all know ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. So looking to the demands of this era the amazing and progressive inventions should never be concluded. Lets throw light on few of the numerous absurd and mind blowing latest inventions.

1.  Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid :

It is no more frantic to carry your little infants with you every time. With the passage of time human life has been made so easier and entertaining.  Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid is an amazing invention to carry your baby with you easily. As it has ability of multi- tasking simultaneously. It helps you to  carry your baby amusingly. The stroller could be changed to an amazing scooter by a simple pull motion to its lower part. In this way both the baby and the one carrying baby could have an enjoyable journey without any giant effort.

Latest Inventions

2. The Rolling Bench That You Can Use After Rain :

What an adorable idea by Sung Woo Park, from Seoul in South Korea. The designer has designed this appealing fold able bench keeping in view the weather of European countries mainly. Most of the times the weather is rainy and sun showering in these countries. But when people get even any slighter chance of sitting outside in the sunshine they probably need a sitting arrangement. An arrangement that could be quickly and easily implanted and evacuated according to the mood swings of the weather. It is good to enjoy lovely sunshine after rain and I guess none of us would prefer sitting on wet public benches. So this movable and portable bench is just amazing.

Latest Inventions

3. Cup Holder Umbrella Latest Inventions:

This wonderful invention has been introduced by the immense creative minded British designers Andrew Tan, Ross Malcolm and Jordan Schlipf. Wonder if someday you are on your way to office having briefcase in one hand and a cup of tea on other. Suddenly you feel the weather is going to be rainy soon. What do you think you will do in that situation? Are you going to leave your briefcase in order to carry umbrella ? or you will prefer to leave the cup of tea to preserve yourself from rain ? Because from two hands two things can be carried out easily by any human being. These sort of situations let the designers to think and create something that could help out notably in rainy conditions. The amazing cup holder umbrella can help you in this complexity. It is a small portable device that can be attach to your umbrella. This cup holder then holds your drink no matter in which angle you are turning your umbrella it will keep your drink vertical. In this way your hand could be free for doing any other task or to carry any other thing you want to.

Latest Inventions

4. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer :

Brushing teeth is not something people can neglect. As interacting to other people should not be proved hectic for them leaving an awful impression. Everyone should take care of their teeth in order to prevent them from any decay. Sometimes you get into a worst situation where your toothpaste is almost about to end and at the same time you cannot go out to bring the new one. May be another situation could be that some people don’t prefer to waste even small amount of any thing that has been left behind. Isn’t appreciable ? Yes, definitely it should be appreciated well enough. To overcome these situations an amazing creative idea of toothpaste tube squeezer has been introduced. It is a small instrument as shown in the image that carries out the very small amount of left toothpaste easily. As it keeps on rolling the toothpaste from its lower end automatically.

Latest Inventions

5. Pizza Scissors:

It is no more difficult for pizza lovers to cut and serve pizza slice without any difficulty of burning your hands or falling its topping. Great people using their genius minds have invented an amazing kitchen utensil. It is designed with a great technique. It is a combination of  scissor and a spatula. Scissor is used to cut the slice whereas spatula is used to serve that piece hygienically. Isn’t it a good offer of 2 in 1 ?

Latest Inventions

6. Amazing Idea Of Couch Armrest Table:

Wonder that drowsy moment when you are relaxing on your alluring and comfortable couch. May be you are lost in your deep and intense thoughts, imagining something pleasing or watching your favorite movie. Meanwhile you desire to have a cup of coffee to add charm. But you avoid to have it just because you think it could be difficult to carry a cup for so long. Great minds have work out on this minor problem as well. New invention of couch with arms provides you space to put your things right beside you easily. Even if you have many side tables you would still prefer armrest table as it holds your drink quickly right after you. This has made spending time alone much relishing.

Latest Inventions

7. Lock Mug That Prevents Other People From Using It :

Most of the people get so much possessive about their mugs. Specially in offices and sometimes at home people don’t like much to share their mug with others. But unfortunately you can not stare each second at your mug to stop others from using it. May be sometimes you feel hesitated in preventing others from using your mug. As you cannot put it into your pocket so it was so difficult to tolerate or say what you are not liking. Keeping in mind this problem creative people has invented an adorable mug design that has lock too. You can easily lock up your mug after using it. So then even if it is placed among many of your colleagues they would definitely fail of using it until you want them to. Isn’t it just amazing ?

Latest Inventions

8: Reusable Candle:

British artist and designer Benjamin Shine has come up with this amazing idea of regenerating candle instead of wasting it. A candle stick holder named as ‘Rekindle Candle’ is used in means of collecting the wax. The wax from the burning candle is gathered in a container with a wick. In this way a fresh candle is formed from the melted wax and is ready to use more than once.

Latest Inventions





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