3D Graffiti Designs To Enrapture Your Mind Swiftly

3D graffiti designs are simply unbelievable. Belonging to Damaia Portugal an out class person with an innovative mind started painting graffiti in the early 90’s. With his mind boggling work he simply captivated minds and got fame in his hometown easily. An extremely passionate person Odeith started this 3D graffiti art by sketching on walls and train tracks. Creative mind with stunning ideas and intense interest towards drawing and sketching made him successful and gave him recognition so earlier. He got a good opportunity soon to boost up his career. He got a chance to paint large scale murals in his home town i.e. Damaia Portugal. An other appreciating thing happened to Odeith in 2014 was the award by the site urban art on his marvelous work. He specifically was an expert of painting on surfaces. Developing feelings from his sketching is his surprising ability and surpass talent because of which he shines far and wide. Lets see some of the encouraging and eye catchy 3D graffiti designs.

1. Black Widow Anamprohic 3D Graffiti Designs:

Simply disgusting! It is among the most latest 3D graffiti by Odeith.

3D Graffiti

2. Anamorphic Praying Mantis:

The hard working of the painter has been shown up clearly in the image below. Even the shadow has been made up accurately.

3D Graffiti

 3. Dirty Square Pond 3D Graffiti:

Words fall short to describe the beauty of this 3D Graffiti design in words.  An aptly effort on a superb concept worked out vigorously. A dirty pool with a duck above on the surface of the water and fishes inside is just amazing.

3D Graffiti

4. 3D Graffiti Battle Of The Year Modiin-bboy-Odeith:

This mind boggling and decent lively color combination painting was made in 2015 by Odeith. A successful piece of work indeed. The idea was about painting a boy who belongs to the modern world as shown in the image clearly. A guy dancing on hip-hop.

3D Graffiti

5. Malta Street Art Festival:

It was published on 2015 and just flew away the minds. Give an extra ordinary feeling of being real. Just magnificent.

3D Graffiti

6. Blasting Green Odeith 3D Graffiti Art:

How appropriately it has been made up.The rough sketching idea came up so neatly as shown in the image below. Stunning, isn’t it?

3D Graffiti

7. Corner Killer 2015-Odeith:

Something written in a readable form with the spots of blood looks just wacky. It is simply amazing.

3D Graffiti

8. Obsession Odeith Anamorphic 3D Rat Letters:

Omg just remarkable! The craziness and talent of Odeith is touching sky in this image. Alluring color combinations and dazzling piece of works deserves to be appreciated.

3D Graffiti


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