10 Marvelous Designs For Free PSD Business Card Mockups

For professionals business card are the best tool to share their basic and relevant information with the people they come across. A business card is a tangible object on which you share your information like introducing name, company’s name, contact number and email id. When you meet up any of your client or customer it is a good way to make them remember about your company. It is easy to give your card rather than writing down your name and contact number. Business cards are easy to carry they could be placed on table or in your pocket as well. Business card mockups are also important. It is important to keep in view that it is a perfect combination of different colors, images and designs. So many elegant and refined designs have been come up in the market.

1: Front View Business Card Mockups:

This is simple and entirely attractive design of business card. It has been created with deep attention and focus with some place left to add your own desired design if needed. It gives an extremely decent and ethical impression.

Business Card Mockups

2: Free Traint Business Card Mock-Up:

A completely unique way of business card that has been introduced by Photoshop PSD. These cards could be prove profitable for designers. The specialty of PSD business card mockup is that it has different and unique designs in itself as shown in image.

Business Card Mockups

3: Business Card Free Mockup:

Stunning way of showing your business to the customers. This PSD business card mockup is just amazing in its way as it contains a small see through space within the card which make it different and unique from others.

Business card mockups

4: Card On Tray Mockup:

It grabs attention because of the simplicity it have. The set of plain white cards placed on the card holder gives an amazing look to catch your customers attention.

Business card mockups

5: Card In Hand:

Sometimes you carry your Business card mockups with you in order to give people you come across or interact with. This stunning and simple business card can be proved very beneficial as it only contains your important information on a plain colored card.

Business card mockups

6: Edge Business Card Mockups:

It leaves a sensational and devasting impression on customer by being as simple as possible with beautifully golden edges. That makes it more adorable and stunning.

Business card mockups

7: Glossy PSD Business Card Mock-up:

This is among the most smashing PSD business card mockups designs. As it is enrich with colors and gives an attractive and pleasant impression on its customers.

Business card mockups

8: Free Black And White Business Card PSD Mockup:

This is among the best PSD Photoshop mockup designs as it contains simple and heavenly colors i.e. black or white. It leaves a realistic impression on customers.

Business card mockups

9: Vertical Design Business Card Mockups:

PSD Photoshop Mockups give an amazing deigns which gives you authority to copy paste your art work to give an amazing impression. As shown in the picture below.

Business card mockups

10: Realistic Business Card Mockups:

This card design is just amazing in its way as it is possible to easily customize it with your own choice and requirements. Its very easy to add your design efficiently or made any changes in it. All the detail could be given in a good and understandable way.

Business card mockups





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